Advertising Jokes - Joke 9


10. ValuJet: We're Amtrack with Wings.
9. ValuJet: Join Our Frequent Near-miss Program.
8. ValuJet: Ask About Our Out-of-court Settlements.
7. ValuJet: Noisy Engines? We'll Turn 'em Off!
6. ValuJet: Complimentary Champagne in Free-fall.
5. ValuJet: Real Men Don't Use Runways
4. ValuJet: The Kids Will Love Our Inflatable Slides.
3. ValuJet: We Might Be Landing On Your Street!
2. ValuJet: Our Pilots are Terminally Ill and Have Nothing to Lose.
1. ValuJet: You Think It's So Easy, Get Your Own Damn Plane!