Animals Jokes - Joke 6


Farmer Brown woke up one morning to discover that his one and only rooster was dead. The chickens had started to get rather restless, so he called his friend, Farmer Black, to see if he knew any place he could get a rooster. Farmer Black told him that Farmer Red, two roads over, was trying to sell some of his roosters, Farmer Brown thanked him, and drove over to Farmer Red's. He knocked on the door and Farmer Red answered. He told him that he wanted the horniest rooster he had. He had just the rooster. He came back a minute later with the rooster at his heels and said to Brown "This is Rudy. He's the horniest rooster I've seen this side of Texas." Farmer Brown took Rudy home and placed him in front of the chicken coop. For about and hour, he could hear was the flapping of feathers and very loud squawks. Rudy strutted out of the coop... and walked straight into the stables. For about an hour Farmer Brown could hear the stomping of hooves and very loud "neigh"ing. Rudy strutted out of the stable. But he didn't stop there. He marched straight into the cow's field. Farmer Brown, feeling he really didn't need to watch, went to bed. The next morning he woke up and walked outside, but he saw to his disappointment Rudy laying on his back on the front lawn, vultures circling overhead. As he approached the rooster, Rudy whispered to the vultures "He's coming closer... keep going! He still thinks I'm dead!"